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Daisy Castro: Photos

Déviation - front cover. Bird and flower drawings by Daisy Castro.
Photography by Ann Castro. Original drawing by Daisy Castro.
Package opens out to three inner panels with an "old record sleeve" insert that holds the disc.
Front cover, right inner panel, with record sleeve swung open.
Inside of package, completely opened.
Photo by Ann Castro
Drawing by Daisy Castro
Photo by Ann Castro
Disc in "record sleeve"
Disc design based on a label from an old 78 rpm record.

Gypsy Moth photo shoot

Signature Sounds

In the booth...
Daisy & Jazer
Daisy & Robert Bowlin
Daisy & Robert after a hard day's work in the studio...

Europe 2010

Notre Dame
The sign says it all...
Jamming w/Guillame Singer at Samois
Walt Smith of Havana Swing Band
Roy De Rijke and Daisy at Samois
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