Violinist Daisy Castro fell under the influence of the music of Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli as a small child, just as she was starting to explore her instrument. Though she started out on a more traditional, classical track, once she discovered the freedom of expression inherent in improvised music, there was no turning back.

An outstanding interpreter of early European Jazz of the 1930’s and 40’s, in the style of the Quintette du Hot Club de France, Daisy has emerged as a revitalizing force for the genre, stunning first time audience members, and continuing to enthrall even those that have seen her perform many times before. Her dynamic playing channels some of the early greats, while adding a modern edge to the Jazz Manouche tradition. If you close your eyes, you’ll find it hard to believe that such passion can be produced by a musician so young. It will make you believe in reincarnation, and give you a fresh view on what lies ahead in the progression of Django’s legacy. Daisy is happy to be among the new generation of players to help bring this beautiful music from the past, into the future.


World On Fire(April 2017)

Déviation (2013)

Gypsy Moth (2010)


You can find video footage of Daisy's musical adventures on:


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Young violinist, Daisy Castro, started playing violin at the age of 6. She started out the usual way, with Suzuki and classical, but quickly learned to play by ear whatever her classical instructors could not teach her. The same year that she started playing, she took a trip to France with her parents, where she was first introduced to Gypsy Jazz or Jazz Manouche. Intrigued as a listener from the start, over the years she has found this beautiful and passionate music to be a perfect fit for her playing style.

She recorded and released her first solo CD, "Gypsy Moth" at the age of 13, and fittingly, it bears a strong Gypsy Jazz influence.

The summer of the release of her recording, she attended Festival Django Reinhardt, in Samois sur Seine, France, and 3 months later, she attended Djangofest NW, in Washington state.  In November, she found herself on stage at Birdland Jazz Club in NYC as a guest of the legendary Schmitt family! In September 2011, she returned to Djangofest Northwest as a performer, opening for festival headliner, Mark O'Connor's Hot Swing !

Daisy has had the good fortune to share the stage with so many amazing players, including:

Antoine and Sebastien Boyer

Stephane Wrembel Quartet

Gonzalo Bergara Quartet

Adrien Moignard

Stochelo Rosenberg

Robin Nolan

Howard Alden

Biel Ballester

Sebastien Felix

Dorado, Samson, & Amati Schmitt

Hot Club of Detroit

and more!

Daisy's 2nd album, "Déviation", released in Spring 2013,

reflects the fact that she is now fully immersed in the style,

while adding her own 'moderne' twist to the tradition.

You can find video footage of Daisy's musical adventures on:


and also at: